Latest pics of the girlies.

stretchy luna

dax 2 2013

imsadi back

imsadi feb2013
Some pics of the girls, they were not very cooperative today!


Its about time….

For an update:) haven’t been on for a while so here we go:)

Well things are going wonderfully, absolutely loving having these girlies in my life.  I did a massive winter clean this week and had them in the bedroom while I did major hoovering, really missed them by the end of the day when they came back into the living room, they are such lovely, life filled creatures.

All three seem to be settling into life here very well, they are all much happier to be handled now, they let me pick them up no trouble, even out of bed if i have to, even Luna will come out now, although she does look indignantly at me!

Having Luna out is great fun as she scampers all over me and chitters and bruxes happily in my dressing gown, she is much more vocal than the other girls in this way. Every morning when I first get up and sit down at the computer she comes out, sits on the shelf closest to me in her cage and talks to me….them comes down and demands a treat of pumpkin seed by sticking her paw through the bars like a kid would, …. I hold it out and she sticks her paw through the bars and rests it on my finger as she takes a seed, it’s so sweet.

Dax is great as ever, although she and Luna are still squabbling for dominance at the moment so there is occasionally a large squeak from one or the other. Imsadi seems content to laze around and groom anyone anytime if they are around, I’ve never seem her start a squabble, where as Luna is always pestering Dax.

the only slight worry is a bit of a bald patch on Imsadi’s back, it doesn’t seem to bother her, she had a scab there a while ago and was scratching,.but i put tea tree cream on for a few days and it disappeared, however the patch where she was scratching hasn’t got its fur back in the same way. she doesn’t seem fussed by it though and it’s not getting worse.

They are all growing up beautifully:)


Great free range session.

So today we had a fab free range session, I opened up the door and just let all three girls explore, Imsadi was first out, found the treats jar and looked expectantly at me, lol bless her, she had a good munch of the seeds I spread out for them to find. Luna had a great time whizzing about, it was her first time out on the table, as shes only just begun to let me pick her up without bolting, so I though after a week or so of excellent behaviour I decided it was time.  Dax, after a nervous start, managed to leap off the top of the cage onto the windowsill, she had a good explore, then realised she didnt know how to get back, took about five minutes for her to pluck up the courage to leap back, after which she looked sheepishly at me for a few seconds, then skittered straight up my arm and into my dressing gown for a hug bless her:) got loads of pictures for you tonight, so here we go….






It’s been a while…

Since I updated you all, so here we go!

Well, Luna is doing brilliantly,shes starting to run up our hands out of the cage and shes much happier being help now, starting to be a lot of fun, she is still nervy but somuchhappier these days, she has taken to sitting on her log shelf near me while i work, and looks at me a lot, and seems kinda jealous if one of the others comes out to play and she hasn’t had a turn yet!

Imsadi is lovely as ever, so chilled out and gentle, she sat in Eden’s dressing gown for ages last night just snuggled up. never known such a  sweet little ratling:)

Dax is crazy as ever, zooms about everywhere, makes daring jumps for the floor on a regular basis and perhaps should be renamed houdini! She loves her food, and is always the first out at a shake of the seed jar. 🙂

I have a little video of them to share, but i cant seem to upload it so i’ll put a link to my facebook page and you can take a look there hopefully, add me as a friend if you like:)

tonight they have had a little bread and milk which went down well so far, and a little dry food, cutting down a little now they are out of their major growth phase. happy ratlings:)

New favourite food.:)

Well i have discovered a winner…mashed banana, mixed with soy milk, warmed up and mixed with tesco museli! makes te rasins all squishey and adding a bit of egg noodle to the mix make for happy rats:) Luna especially had a great munch just now! Shes letme pickher up pretty easily the last two days, and had a great cuddle the night before last. Imsati is still the most cuddly, fell asleep on me last night, Dax is growing fatter every day and is crazy active, always running over me and inside my dressing gown, loving rattyness:)



Tonight we had a breakthrough, Luna came out, let me pick her up first try and ran over me as i stood up for ages, put on my dressing gown and after ten minutes she was cuddling up to me, calmed down a lot and let me stroke her and snuffled my nose! Im so so pleased as last night she was so stressed she wouldnt let me near her.

They have peed in their litter tray a few times, putting it on the shelf under their bed has encouraged them to pee there instead of on the shelf,  so we shall see if we can work on that!

Dax has been out, she was running all over the place, Imsati has been quiet today, but I’m sure she willl come out for a cuddle and a play later.

They have has some sweetcorn today and it went down very well.

I have been making a ladder for them from green twine, almost finished it so I will post pictures whe its done.